VisitScotland Launches Responsible Tourism Campaign

July 28, 2021 by cs-ilck

Scotland, Yours to enjoy. Responsibly.

What is Responsible Travel?

Responsible travel and tourism is important whichever country you decide to visit. It protects the landscape and boosts the local economy, culture and diversity of the area you visit, which in turn keeps the landscape natural and beautiful for other people to enjoy in the future.
Sustainable tourism is a way of holidaying to different parts of the world in an eco and environmentally friendly way. Green and sustainable tourism is about considering the impact your trip could have on the country you’re visiting, and the world. This could be in terms of

  • through your mode of transport
  • the accommodation you stay in
  • the food you eat
  • the activities you do in the area
  • the communities you interact with

How to Travel Responsibly and Sustainably…
Travelling sustainably is actually a lot easier than you may think. A variety of companies, businesses and brands across all industries are making concerted efforts to be more responsible and provide eco-friendly experiences for visitors. From electric cars, eco glamping pods and locally sourced fresh food, to reduced-emission vehicles and supporting family businesses, there are so many ways you get involved and travel responsibly in Scotland.

Being an eco-friendly traveller doesn’t mean you need to change your entire lifestyle right away. Even making small changes over time (which will be easier to stick to) and little things will help restore and preserve the environment for years to come. Help local businesses and give back to communities by shopping local, choose a less polluting form of transport such
as cycling, and be respectful of the landscapes you visit by leaving no trace with no litter, waste, or fires.

Read up on VisitScotland’s 10 Simple Steps to Becoming an Eco Tourist

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