Spotlight on…..Thyme Bistro & Deli at Errichel

July 19, 2022 by Catriona Anderson


  • Name –

Paul Newman

  • Role at Errichel –

Executive Chef and Managing Partner

  • About my role –

In partnership with my wife Becky, I run the business at Errichel, including Thyme Deli, Thyme Bistro, and our B&B and Cottage accommodation. As my professional background is working internationally as a chef, I create all our menus, as well as hand-prepare our range of fine foods, in coordination with my brilliant team. With helping to look after our low-intensity rare-breed hill-farm, it’s certainly enough to keep me out of trouble!


  • What I enjoy about my job –

I think all chefs would say the same thing – people appreciating my food, whether that’s in the form of compliments after someone’s had a great meal at Thyme Bistro, or emails or feedback online, is very special. When I get the chance to chat to people, I love sharing our ‘field to fork’ philosophy – we’re huge believers that rearing our animals slowly and with dignity produces a better quality product. I also enjoy the creative process – bringing to life a new idea for a preserve or chutney, or a new flavour of our beef biltong.


  • What makes Errichel special –

As soon as you park your car, you’ll see what a stunning corner of Perthshire we’re lucky enough to be situated in! I always think that Perthshire is perfect for people who want all the beauty of the Highlands but don’t have the time to travel to far for it, and our location has it in spades. I like to think what’s inside is pretty special too. We’ve worked really hard on making what we offer at Thyme Deli and Bistro very different to other businesses – local sourcing but with dash of a global inspiration. If I can have another one, our loyal team and their customer service and teamwork make it a very special place to work.


  • Congratulations on the recent award! Tell us a little bit about it and why it’s an important award win for you and Errichel –

Thank you! I’m thrilled and over the moon about it. The Rare Breeds Survival Trust is an organisation very close to our heart. Sustainable chef of the year is not just awarded for cooking nice food (though that’s important); it’s about making a contribution to ensuring the survival of breeds like Shetland cattle, Large Black Pigs, and Shetland Sheep. Ideally suited to thriving in sometimes harsh Scottish conditions, breeds like these are essential to the way we run our farm – low-intensity and with as much natural pasturing as possible. And without farming them, they would simply become extinct.


  • What exciting things are coming up for myself and Errichel during 2022 –

Well, what I’m most excited about is a new addition to our fine food range that we’re working on now – we already offer authentic biltong, pickles, chutneys and preserves, as well as frozen ready meals, and we’ve been thrilled to be recognised with Great Taste awards for various lines. This new addition is very hush hush at the moment, but I will say that hopefully we can have a spirited end to 2022!

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