Scotland: A Sustainable Destination

July 18, 2022 by Catriona Anderson

Now that travel is slowly coming back, people are travelling more consciously and are looking for destinations that allow them to reconnect, reset and reinvigorate with nature. Prompted by the recent pandemic, travellers are seeking more sustainable destinations. Scotland sits on the axis of all of these.

Scotland is calling louder than ever to all travellers as a place to enjoy world-class food and drink, events, films, history and culture. Having worked tirelessly over the past 18 months to adapt to and embrace the new normal, Scottish businesses are open once more and are ready to welcome visitors.

Travel Daily chats with Vicki Miller, director of marketing at VisitScotland and passionate storyteller and improving customer experience, about Scotland’s responsible recovery and its new offerings.

Travel Daily (TD): How important is responsible recovery for tourism in Scotland?

Vicki Miller (VM): The COVID-19 pandemic has made people pause and reflect about the future, the environment, and their impact on it. Visitors have always had an interest in sustainability however it is now more acute than ever. For example, when surveyed, 73% of long-haul travellers expressed great interest in travelling more sustainably in future and selecting destinations which are less crowded and with a commitment to making tourism sustainable. VisitScotland can help travellers plan and enjoy an eco-friendly trip.

We are examining our own operations to ensure we are more sustainable, through our marketing activity we are promoting sustainable experiences and encouraging visitors to travel more responsibly. We are also encouraging visitors to stay longer, buy local, visit all year round, explore more widely and, in turn, contribute to the sustainable quality of life of those communities. This will ease pressure on extremely busy areas and ensure the economic benefits of tourism are evenly spread across the country throughout the year.  VisitScotland is also committed to working with the tourism industry to provide support and guidance on how to become more sustainable through the Destination Net Zero programme.

In line with the national tourism strategy, Outlook 2030, and our own framework for sustainable and responsible growth, our four priority areas are economic, environmental, social and cultural. We are working to support the protection and considerate enjoyment of Scotland’s natural and cultural heritage and we are supporting the transition to a low carbon economy. We are ensuring that tourism and events contribute to thriving communities and making sure that tourism and events in Scotland are inclusive.

Source: Travel Daily 

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