Happiness Tour in Perth

December 29, 2021 by Catriona Anderson

In 2020, The Scottish Sun broke the news that Perth had been crowned ‘the happiest place in Scotland’. As with any such poll, this result could not be validated scientifically, but the finding was part of an interesting research exercise by property website ‘Rightmove’, which indexed every town in the UK using happiness measures including friendliness and community spirit, whether people feel they can be themselves, nature and green spaces, opportunities locally to develop skills and amenities including schools, restaurants, shops and sports facilities.

In 2021, whilst the title passed to (near neighbour) Stirling, Perth is still riding high at number 2 in Scotland, continuing a run which beats any other location North of the border. When you bring your event to Perthshire, you’ll want to tap into the magic that makes this such an ideal place to live and work – our Perthshire itinerary for happiness may be just the way to do it!

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