Disability Inclusion in Tourism

February 27, 2022 by Catriona Anderson

Inclusion Scotland, a national Disabled People’s Organisation, is offering free training workshops to all who work in the tourism and hospitality sector in Scotland. The courses are fully funded through the Tourism Recovery Fund and supported by Skills Development Scotland.

Why is this training important?

With COVID-19 and Brexit having a real impact on the sector’s ability to attract and retain people, there has never been a more important time for the industry to invest in its most valuable asset, its people.

To help Scotland’s travel and tourism Industry recover, Inclusion Scotland will share its knowledge and experience. For example it will cover language, what to do if you get it wrong and how to approach disability in a way which is respectful and with practical guidance on how to be the change you want to see in society.

The workshops will help increase your confidence and knowledge to attract, recruit and retain well-qualified, motivated staff in challenging times, with practical advice and guidance to help make your business is more accessible and inclusive for customers and employees alike.

Who is eligible for the training?

This training is open to all employees, employers and self-employed in tourism and hospitality across Scotland working towards a more inclusive and accessible workplace and society.

The courses are open to all who meet the criteria:

  • Age 16 and over
  • Works full / part time in Scottish hospitality or tourism
  • Resident in Scotland

How it works

The training is delivered in two parts.

Part one

You will be introduced to some new and old concepts and provided with space to explore what they mean to you and your organisation or business.

Part two

Takes place one week after the first session. It offers the opportunity to reflect on any changes, including difficulties faced in applying the learning during this time. It is packed full of practical application ideas, activities, information and guidance.

How to apply

Visit the Inclusion Scotland website for full details on what you will get out of the training and how to apply.


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