Spotlight on…Glenturret Distillery

October 27, 2022 by Catriona Anderson

Name:  Madelaine Donald​​

Role:     Guest Experience & Events Manager


About my role… 

I am responsible for looking after and coordinating guest experiences on and off-site. It is a busy role which requires organising everything from Glenturret Distillery tours to multi-experience visits, including tastings, and dinners, for the public and private clients in our exclusive Michelin star Glenturret Lalique Restaurant.

What I enjoy about my role…

I love my role because it allows me to meet and engage with a wide variety of people. Each event and guest are different, meaning I am constantly facing new challenges, as well as learning and creating.

What makes
 Glenturret Distillery special… 

The Glenturret started its refurbishment in 2019, and since my arrival in 2021, something new is always going on. It’s incredibly rewarding to work as part of a team that is constantly striving for improvement to grow the brand. We are also in the most picturesque location; you can’t help but enjoy being here.

What exciting things are coming up for
 yourself and Glenturret…

The distillery is such an exciting place to work; there is always something in the works. The next event I’m working on is our Hogmanay Evening. New Year’s Eve is always fun to work!

There are also some special releases coming out soon, and it is brilliant to see our guests’ responses to these and enjoy the buzz surrounding them.

A memorable highlight…

Our Glenturret Lalique Restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star in February after only being operational for 7 months, this was a very memorable occasion for the entire team

 Glenturret Distillery 

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