Scotland’s National Events Strategy

June 12, 2023 by Catriona Anderson

Scotland’s National Events Strategy

‘Scotland: the perfect stage (2015-2025)’, is being reviewed and updated. This will extend its term to the end of 2035. The Scottish events sector, Scottish Government and VisitScotland are working together with trade unions and local authorities to do this.

Scotland: the perfect stage was first published in 2008 in response to Scotland’s burgeoning potential to be a global leader in the events industry. It was last reviewed and updated to cover the period 2015-2025. Its vision is that Scotland’s reputation as the perfect stage for events is recognised nationally and internationally. It looks to use and develop Scotland’s assets to deliver a portfolio of events that provide world leading authentic experiences for Scotland’s residents and visitors.

Although Scotland has had many successes under the current strategy, the event sector has recently endured a period of unprecedented disruption. This presents a number of challenges and potential opportunities for the sector in Scotland. As the term of the current strategy nears conclusion, Scottish Government has therefore committed to supporting another review and update of ‘Scotland: the perfect stage’.

Discussions in December 2022 with industry, trade union, local authority and public sector representatives have informed this survey. Those discussions considered themes of business and economy, skilled workforce and Fair Work, environmental sustainability, and wellbeing. These are referred to in this survey as “Themed Groups”. This survey provides everyone with a role in Scotland’s world-class event industry the chance to shape the sector’s updated strategy.

This survey takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. Read the consultation paper 

Why your views matter, this survey is aimed at,

  • people who attend or would like to attend events in Scotland, people living in communities where events are held, and groups who represent them.
  • organisations and people working in and with the Scottish event industry, across the public, private and third sectors.

We would also welcome views from people and organisations from outside of Scotland. We would like to hear about the experiences of Scottish events and working with the Scottish events sector, and the approaches that the private, public and third sectors take to events in other countries.

We are seeking views on:

  • the ambition and priorities for events and the event sector in Scotland
  • the accessibility of events
  • what it is like to work in events
  • how events in Scotland can continue to collaborate and innovate
  • how events can promote cities, regions and Scotland as a whole internationally

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Source: Scottish Government

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