MIA Latest Survey Report

July 24, 2023 by Catriona Anderson

MIA’s latest survey, conducted in May 2023, reflects the response of 112 professionals representing organisations within the business meetings and events sector, with over three quarters (78%) representing an event venue and 22% an event supplier.

With two-thirds of organisations (66%) no longer experiencing supply chain issues, the tide is slowly beginning to turn, and the sector is starting to regain control over how it can operate. At the same time, over three quarters (79%) have expressed a higher if not the same conversion rate on event enquiries compared to 12 months ago, supporting optimistic forecasts on future business. 

Despite this, we must continue to proceed with a level of caution, recognising well-documented challenges that we as a sector are still battling. Staffing challenges remain high on the agenda, with almost half of organisations (47%) highlighting current skills shortages.

Similarly, ongoing rail strikes postponed and cancelled bookings remain a continued threat, added to this almost all organisations (97%) continue to overcome rising costs.” Kerrin MacPhie, Chief Executive, The MIA

MIA Latest Survey Report

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