Loving Our Environment ...

October 21, 2021 by Catriona Anderson

Loving Our Environment

There are few things more crucial than preserving and protecting our beautiful planet and its resources. Iain Burnett strives to make his sourcing of products and packaging sustainable, and socially and environmentally conscious. Iain would like to share a bit about what this looks like in practice, and some of the goals for the future.

Conscious Collaboration 

While many chocolatiers use cheap and easy UHT cream or sour blended supermarket creams for their production,  Iain uses a sweet fresh cream from a single herd of Scottish Friesian cows. Think of it as the “single malt” of the dairy world. Iain sources this cream from a local, family-run dairy here in Perthshire, which focuses strongly on the welfare of their animals.

Bee Neighbourly

The Scottish Heather Honey used in some of Iain’s recipes comes from a local, small-scale apiarist. The Scottish government and the Scottish Beekeepers’ Association work closely with individual and commercial beekeepers throughout Scotland to implement The Honey Bee Health Strategy – an initiative to achieve a sustainable and healthy population of honey bees for pollination and honey production in Scotland.



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