First Minister announces Vaccine Certificate Plan

September 06, 2021 by Catriona Anderson

Addressing the Scottish Parliament, the First Minister announced that the Scottish Government is proposing limited vaccine certification in Scotland for nightclubs and the following:

  • Indoor standing live events with more than 500 people in the audience
  • Outdoor standing events with more than 4000 people in the audience
  • Any event with more than 10,000 people in the audience

This could be introduced from later this month.  She confirmed that hospitality will not be affected but this will be kept under review.

In relation to the rising number of cases and speculation around the Scottish Government re-imposing restrictions, the First Minister said; “I am hopeful that we can turn the corner without having to re-impose any restrictions. But the next few days will be crucial in our assessment.  “We do not want reimpose restrictions, even in a limited way.”

Nicola Sturgeon also urged the public to “think carefully about the number of contacts you are having and perhaps reduce any that are unnecessary. Even though it’s not the law any more, keep a safe distance from people in other households if you can – especially indoors.” and to meet outdoors as much as possible.

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