Perthshire Farmer goes greener

October 28, 2021 by Catriona Anderson

Perthshire Farmer goes greener! 

As a business, Simon Howie Foods are passionate about environmental sustainability and are proud to have a number of schemes in place in order to reduce the conservational impacts associated with the manufacture of our products. We have an environmental policy that is central to the culture of our business and all employees are actively encouraged to be an integral part of that culture.

Within our factory premises at Dunning in Perthshire we treat all of our water on site as opposed to discharging to soak-away. We have an on-site natural spring which provides all of our fresh water (30000 litres per day). This in effect means that we have a closed loop system, whereby we pump the water out of the ground and treat the outfall through ponds; these then support a mini nature reserve which in turn ‘scrubs’ the liquid clean before discharging to a lined Willow plantation.

Recently we were part of a case study for Central Scotland Green Network, which is the biggest ‘green space’ project in Europe, aiming to make Central Scotland a more attractive and distinctive place to live, visit and do business. Prior to that, we were a case study for Sustainable Food & Drink, a study which intended to inspire other businesses to take similar approaches and to inform interested parties, such as planning authorities, in order to encourage a supportive environment for future initiatives.

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