Bottle your own 40-year-old whisky

October 20, 2020 by Catriona Anderson


ABERFELDY®, one of Scotch whisky’s fastest growing single malt brands*, has today announced the release of its most distinguished Golden Dram – ABERFELDY 40 Years Old – available only from the distillery itself as a hand-bottled exclusive.

For more than 120 years ABERFELDY has been crafting some of Scotland’s most beguiling single malt whiskies, with the single cask being its ultimate expression. ABERFELDY 40 Years Old is the distillery’s oldest whisky yet and will be released in three single cask editions.

To uncover a parcel of whisky of this age with such distinct personality and excellence is indeed, a rare find. Resting in oak since the whisky was distilled back in the late 70’s, ABERFELDY’S Malt
Master, Stephanie Macleod delved in to the distillery's reserves and uncovered three separate single casks, all with remarkable qualities. Very few casks of this age survive the maturation process with enough vivacity left in them to make a truly great whisky, often having lost over 50% of the cask’s contents to evaporation.

“To find one cask at this venerable age, is extraordinary but to find three, is exceptional” says Stephanie Macleod, Aberfeldy’s Malt Master, adding: “just think of the four decades of history these
casks have slumbered through.” Filled on 22nd August 1978, all three casks are American Oak, ex-bourbon Hogsheads. The first to be released is cask #5029, the second in the line-up will be cask #5030, with cask #5031 being the final in this collection, to be bottled as ABERFELDY 40 Years Old.

Offering an ultra-premium, hands-on experience, purchasers will be given the opportunity to fill their own bottle, by hand, directly from the cask, in the distillery’s historic warehouses. Stephanie comments: “The single cask is something that we at ABERFELDY bottle rarely – to have the honour of filling your very own bottle of our oldest and most exclusive whisky yet, is a truly unique opportunity. The golden hallmarks of the distillery are evident in the beautifully-balanced, elegant and well-mannered single malt with peerless texture, perfectly expressed by these 40-year-old

On sale for £2,500 a bottle, ABERFELDY 40 Years Old will be exclusively available from the Aberfeldy Distillery, both on-site and via its new online shop:

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