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Gin Laboratory 

Gin Laboratory


Gin maker Kenneth Campbell offers a unique private gin making experience to venues across Scotland.

A fun, hands on, gin blending experience, where up to 15 guests delve into the world of gin, personally guided by the gin aficionado himself. They’ll explore flavour, aroma & discover the art and science of gin whilst blending gins and enjoying their creations with tonic.

Coming direct to you from Gin Laboratory, his own boutique gin distillery in Kinross – a technically advanced still house, with glass, steel and copper equipment for precision gin making. Everything is made from scratch in this one-off artisan gin making facility and visitors are welcomed daily to have fun, learn, experience, and create their own gin in the heart of Kinross.

Experiences run to a format, however elements can be tailored to your clients’ desires, location or event.

Guests can receive up to 3 gins & tonic in the comfort of their own accommodation in sessions of up to 2 hours.

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