Spotlight on The Highland Chocolatier

November 18, 2020 by Catriona Anderson

Iain Burnett

• About my role…
As the Master Chocolatier I work in the heart of the creativity and development of the chocolates, but as the Lead Tasting Guide, I am also able to directly engage with visitors and share my knowledge and passion with them. That is special because I can see first-hand the results of the long hours spent developing the chocolates and the visitor experience.

• What I enjoy about my job…
I enjoy the smile that award-winning chocolate always brings to people’s faces, from all walks of life, young and old to travellers and foodies. It’s a slightly surprised but hesitant smile that says, “Oh wow, I thought it would be good, but this really is amazing!”

• What makes our venue special…
The venue is located in the beautiful heart of Scotland – just over an hour from Edinburgh or Glasgow. Our business offers a unique and memorable experience unlike anything else available in the UK – guided Chocolate Tastings of our gourmet chocolates which can be customized to suit a wide range of visitors from VIP couples to large groups. When the famous Scottish weather is at its worst, people like to cheer themselves up with a warming mug of the hot chocolate (awarded “Best in Europe”)! Also on the doorstep is the River Tay and some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world, with near access to other amazing activities that make it a wonderful day out.

• What’s new at your venue this year…
Following the successful launch last year of the original Dark and Fruits Chocolate Tasting Flight, we are launching a new Milk Chocolate and Caramels Tasting Flight with the new Caramel Velvet Truffles which won the international Academy of Chocolate awards. I’m looking forward to seeing the response from customers.

• What exciting things are coming up for myself and our venue…
We have just invested in having the Chocolate Tastings translated into French, Spanish, German and Mandarin which will enhance the offering and allow us to make a better delivery to some of our core customer groups.

• Did you know…
Every week my team works for Michelin star chefs and 5 star hotels across the UK to create the Velvet Truffles. They have received over 40 national and international awards, including twice the Best Truffle in the World. We are a 4 star visitor attraction in the conservation village of Grandtully, based in buildings over 200 years old. My family found these buildings in 2005 and invested 5 years and over a million pounds in meticulously converting them into the current Chocolate Kitchen, Chocolate Lounge, Exhibition and Chocolate Shop.

• Why a client should hold a business event at our venue…
See above! It simply provides a unique and unforgettable experience. The perfect location and varied offering makes a very special impression. People enjoy the world-class gastronomy but also leave having learned a little about the flavours, textures and passion behind it. The people serving on the team are renowned for their kindness and great customer skills – everyone leaves feeling very well cared for.

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