Whisky tastings and cocktail masterclasses delivered to your destination!

Situated just outside the small market town of Crieff, in beautiful rural Perthshire, The Glenturret Distillery is a fantastic hidden gem which offers whisky experiences for whisky newbies and connoisseurs alike. For 2019 they have released the exciting news that they will now be able to bring their whisky to you!

Offering whisky tastings and cocktail masterclasses delivered to your destination, you can enjoy Scotland's Oldest Working Distillery without having to leave your venue.

For those who enjoy a classic dram, Glenturret can host an expert led whisky tasting, giving a background to the traditional art of whisky making and showing you how to best appreciate your whisky, engaging all your senses, from nosing through to taking that first sip!

If you prefer a more modern take on Scotland's national drink, then Glenturret's cocktail masterclass is the one for you! Showing you how to become a master mixologist, you will learn how to create some classic cocktails before going on to concoct your own unique whisky fusion. Who has the best cocktail shaking style? The best name for their concoction? The best flavour? We can't wait to host your cocktail masterclass so you can find out!

For more information please get in touch at enquiries@theglenturret.com

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